City council, Vejle

Conference table for 33 seats

In close dialogue with the architect firm, we made price, design and quality form a synthesis.

Room for more city council members

Focus on Function and Design

The challenge was to make the table fit the room and at same time create room for as many centimetres as possible for each chair alongside the table. Preferably, the chairs should have arm rests. The big oval form should have an open end opposite the mayor’s seat, for bridal pairs to enter the middle to stand in front of the mayor at weddings.

In a close and mutually giving cooperation with the Architect firm E+N Architecture, we solved the challenge with regards to both price, quality and design. With our knowhow on wood and construction, we moved curves and lines around until we could conclude which form would be the optimum solution.

City council hall

The narrow room for the city council meetings demanded a solution of full consideration.

The oval form has been optimised to create most possible room for each member of the city council.

Room for the citizens

Now the citizens can overview what is going on in the city council hall. The modern design of the table complements the renovation of the classic city council hall from 1878.

ENTIRETY & details

The wave in the jointing is inspired by the city coat-of-arms. Here the wave symbolises the stream that runs through the city of Vejle.

The table is divided up into sections, which can be taken out if the city council has less members at some point.

Other special interior decors

We take part in collaborations with ambitious designers, architects and contractors. Together with designer Jasper Morrison, we have made a combined closet – bedside – tv furniture for a palace in Quatar. For Cubo Architects, we have made inventory and furniture to the Rhythmic Music Conservatory with both book shelfs, mail sorting shelfs and reception desk. With Kirk Kapital as builder, we have made the entire interior design of a hunting cottage with furniture from beds and over to the kitchen shelves.

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