Making is thinking


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“I was looking for a very high level of craftsmanship for a demanding client who wanted the best. The resulting quality of joinery in the finished piece was remarkable, and I greatly appreciated their ability to work around the inevitable problems. If it’s quality and efficiency you’re after, go see Kjeldtoft.”

Jasper Morrison, designer

City council, Vejle – The council hall

customized design

Making is thinking

As cabinet makers we think with both the head and the hands. We care about the details and offer solutions that implies both functionality and design. The result is beautiful, reasonable and rational furniture. And – we love challenges.

The Optician Ilkjaer in Aarhus

Interior design

Furniture and Prototypes

Reception desks, conference tables, built-in closets and custom-made tables. We have 25 years of experience in making custom-made furniture and inventory for companies, shops, restaurants, cultural institutions, hospitals, and private villas – as well as for the Danish Exhibition, the Cabinet Maker’s Autumn exhibition.

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